Your Brand of Crazy from Julia Wall on Vimeo.

Andi “Kitty” Baker, 30, of Oakland, CA and Courtney Crimson, 27, of Sacramento, CA, are employed by a worker’s cooperative peep show in San Francisco called the Lusty Lady Theater. 

Lusty Lady was founded by two business partners from Seattle in 1976 and after becoming victim to financial difficulties the founders decided to sell the popular establishment. The employees decided the Lusty Lady was too valuable to disappear, so they bought the business, which had been successfully unionized since 1997, and they still fight to keep it alive today.

Baker, a front desk attendant and part manager, and Crimson, lead madame, describe the atmosphere, as well as the patrons of the establishment, as representative of the diversity and open minded-ness of San Francisco as a place. “Anything goes,” Baker said. “It’s got its roots, it’s got its history here, obviously.”

According to Baker and Crimson, who are currently engaged, the little novelty that is the peep show at 1033 Kearny Street is a place for people to be human, explore artistic tastes and personal politics and grow in different ways. 

While Crimson and Baker live eccentrically and lead lifestyles that aren’t typical to the average American household, they have very solid morals and a traditional relationship in terms of sharing aspects of their lives equally and providing for each other. 

Baker is currently pursuing a degree in biochemistry while Crimson continues to explore performance arts. Baker states that simply everyone is crazy and you have to find the right kind of crazy, your own brand, that fits with you. They both agree, they are each others brand of crazy.